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We offer you the result of a project: signing of cycle routes in the Malá Fatra and Kysuce region. Cooperation between two subjects: the Bystrická Valley Micro-region (mikroregión Bystrická dolina) and the District Tourist Board Malá Fatra (Oblastná organizácia cestovného ruchu Malá Fatra) – has brought more than 600 km of cycle routes of various difficulties.
The cycle routes in the Malá Fatra and Kysuce region are suitable for those who love to admire the beauties of nature from the bike saddle. Apart from cycle routes and their lenghts you can find recommended attractions and interesting places on the map. The project of cycle routes was implemented with financial support from the District Tourist Board Malá Fatra.
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Kysucká cyklomagistrála
Kysucká cyklomagistrála is a popular cycle route for families with children and recreational cyclists. For the most part, the route passes through a newly – built cycle path from Krásno nad Kysucou to Vychylovka. Along this route you can find an educational trail in Zborov nad Bystricou, the unique Slovak Orloj (astronomical clock) in Stará Bystrica or the Museum of the Kysuce Village in Nová Bystrica.

route Terchová - Kysuce - Zázrivá
The route Terchová – Kysuce – Zázrivá is a route of moderate difficulty. It might make you sweat, but as a reward you will get unique views over the mountains of Malá Fatra and Kysuce. You can also admire the architecture of local villages, the Church of St. Andrej Svorad and Beňadik in Radôstka or a wooden betlehem in Terchová.

route Žilina - Terchová
You will experience all kinds of surface on this route from asphalt through gravel to clay. At the beginning of this route you can climb the Straník Hill and enjoy an amazing view over the Váh river - basin and the Malá Fatra Mountains.

route Vodné dielo Žilina
You don´t have to decide how to spend your time – by a river or visiting cultural sights – on your holiday anymore. The route Water dam Žilina will allow you to do both things at the same time. An easy cycle route with a minimal elevation suitable also for small kids will take you around the Water dam to the Strečno Castle or the other way around to the park of the Budatín Castle.

route Vodná nádrž Nová Bystrica
A pleasant route of medium difficulty leads alternately through an asphalt and a field road. Don´t forget to stop by a church in Riečnica which stands here as a memory of villages that were flooded while building the water dam.

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