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Žilina public transport company (DPMŽ - Dopravný podnik mesta Žiliny) provides the public transport for 24 hours a day. For travelling by city transport routes, the tariff is based on zones. Journeys by one route are divided into two zones. Tickets for one zone are valid for a journey of up to 5 consecutive bus stops (excluding the bus stop you have boarded the bus at). Travel tickets for two zones are valid for an unlimited lenght of journey by one route.
Travel tickets are sold at a number of locations (ticket machines at bus stops, news-stands, DPMŽ ticket offices); if you do not purchase a ticket before boarding, you can buy a two-zone non-transferable ticket from the driver for an additional charge. Single transport tickets (transferable, non-transferable), prepaid tickets for more than one journey (electronic prepaid cards) and tourist tickets (24 hours, 2 zones, transferable) are available. A single travel ticket is required for the luggage or animal transport. You are obliged to mark your ticket immediately after having entered the vehicle by means of the nearby onboard marker. 
It is possible to buy a ticket for city trasport Žilina by sending an empty SMS message from mobile phone to number 1155.

Dopravný podnik mesta Žiliny, s.r.o.  (DPMŽ - Žilina public transport company, L.t.d.)
Kvačalova 2, 010 01 Žilina
Tel.: +421 (0)41 566 01 11
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Further information for motorists can be found in the section Services for motorists.
Comfortable transfer to the place of destination in Žilina is provided by taxi operators.

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