The Chrasť Forest Park

The Chrasť Forest ParkThe Chrasť Forest Park

The Chrasť Forest Park is located between the suburbs of Vlčince and Solinky. It is a popular rest zone in the town. The park provides a choice of different sporting activities (running, cross–country skiing, cycling, nordic walking). Children can enjoy jungle gyms, a big castle and other attractions.

For children, there are prepared climbing frames and other attractions. There is a smaller restaurant in the area, too. The Rope Park Preles in operation is situated behind the children´s playground.
The Chapel of our Lady of Sorrows was built short time after the war in memory of the inhabitants of Žilina, who died in the First World War. Except for the comfortable walking trails from the suburbs of Vlčince and Solinky, there is also available a stop of the city public transport: Žilinská univerzita (University of Žilina). This area was declared as suburban recreation area in 1981.

Interactive Educational Tour
The interactive educational tour "Get to know yourself, get to know the forest" was opened here in 2010. It concerns natural trail dedicated for children as well as adults, dealing with the topic of the forest, nature and its life. It brings you closer to the life in the forest, what forest consists of, what it serves for, who lives there and much other interesting information in a gripping and playful way. It is together about 9 information boards, always with one interactive wooden element situated nearby and related to the information on the boards.

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