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Coach / Bus
It is possible to park in the guarded, enclosed car park by the hotel Holiday Inn Žilina, Športová 2, Žilina. It is not possible to get on and off touring buses in the centre of Žilina. Any queries relating to this, we suggest contacting Žilina public transport company, Ltd. (Dopravný podnik mesta Žiliny).

There are lockable bicycle stands available in the city. The town of Žilina is planning to install several new bicycle stands in the center of the city and its surroundings by the end of the year 2012 as a part of the project "Central Meetbike". You can find the layout of the the planned bicycle stands .on this link.

Žilina parking company, Ltd. (Žilinská parkovacia spoločnosť, s.r.o.) offers a parking system in Žilina downtown. There are available two parking systems:

street parking – it is possible for visitors and residents to park in paid parking places on designated streets,
parking in the parking garage (SC Mirage, OC Aupark) – an enclosed car park. You can park in the underground garage.

There are two ways to use paid parking in the town of Žilina:

A) Visitor parking:

the operation is provided by parking machines and prepaid parking cards (PPK),
the parking spaces are intended for temporary parking of residents and visitors of the city. They are identified by road signs. An additional table indicates the operating hours and the hourly rate,
during operating hours, you must pay for parking by buying a parking ticket from a parking machine or by buying a prepaid parking card for the appropriate parking zone,
you must display the parking ticket or the prepaid parking card behind the front windshield of your car in order to allow for visual inspection of all data,
vehicles indicated by label disabled (ZŤP) can park free only on reserved parking spaces,
it is forbidden to park on pavements with a marked line for cyclists,
outside normal operating hours, parking in those spaces is free!

B) Residential parking:

these parking spaces are intended for permanent residents in the corresponding zone (I, II.,III.), within the zone of paid parking,
you must display the residential parking card behind the front windshield of your car in order to allow for visual inspection of all data,
operating hours of the residential parking payment for all the zones are non-stop, from Monday to Sunday during the whole calendar year (includes public (bank) holidays).   

You can park on parking places in the centre of Žilina, which are provided by private persons and companies. You can found them on the map of parking places in Žilina (other parking possibilities).


Žilina parking company, Ltd. (Žilinská parkovacia spoločnosť, s.r.o.)
Košická 2, 010 65 Žilina
Tel.: +421 (0)41 500 44 94, +421 (0)41 500 44 95


The Municipal police deals with driving violations. Penalties for offenses are imposed fines to be paid on the spot. If the driver refuses to pay a fine, the offense is forwarded to the Regional Inspectorate of Transportation in Žilina.
Locking devices are used to prevent the cited motor vehicle from leaving. Called "slippers", they are used by the municipal police when the driver is not in the vehicle and the vehicle is in a restricted space. In the town of Žilina, offending vehicles are not towed away.

Municipal police Žilina
Hollého 11, 010 01 Žilina
Tel.: +421 (0)41 562 11 66


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