OUTdoor activities

Bouldering – climbing walls

Bouldering takes part of climbing sports disciplines. The climbers move in maximal height of four metres in order to prevent injury in case they fall down. Do you know that this sport is very popular and sought-for in Žilina? In the surroundings of Žilina, there are more climbing walls.


Recreational fishing or familiarly said fishery is a kind of fishing performed as a hobby or pastime activity. Fishing is based on the natural need of fish to ingest. The objective is to force the fish to swallow a snare with a hidden hook.


Tennis is often known as a white sport. It is a ball game for 2 or 4 players. 2 players version is singles, 4 players version is doubles. Do you want to try to play tennis, but you have no idea where tennis courts are in Žilina?

Horse riding

Horse takes part of the most intelligent animals. His reactions are instinctive and intuitive ones. Did you know he sleeps standing up or on the ground for 7 hours a day? Horse riding or hippo therapy? We have some ideas for you.

Paintball, airsoft, archery

Who would not wish he could try the role of a Special Forces member? Clearly solve the crisis situations with weapon in hands. Free the hostage or stealthily disappear? Or to do archery? There is paintball, air soft and archery especially for you.

In line skating

In-line skating ride is an activity you can do in Žilina, too. From simple skating up to free style acrobatics. This sports activity strengthens especially legs, bottom part and back.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking – ski pole walking is a kind of sport for everybody. Neither physical condition nor age is crucial. It is not a difficult walking, the most natural human motion with special poles.

Zorbing, Petanque

Zorbing or orbing or sphering is a lightly extreme sport, born in New Zealand in 2000. Pétanque or the game of boules is a French parlour game for two 1-3 member teams. You can try both activities also in the surroundings of Žilina.


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