NP Domašínsky meander (The Domašín Meander)

Domašínsky meander (The Domašín Meander)NP Domašínsky meander (The Domašín Meander)

The Domašín Meander is a Nature Preserve in Malá Fatra on the river Váh, directly connected to the NNR Old Castle. The Meander separates Kriváň and Lúčna, two parts of the  Malá Fatra mountain range. The Domašín Meander is a hollowed form of a river relief that is unique throughout the Western Carpathians. It was created by the flow of the river Váh cutting into the rising mountain at the end of  late Tertiary and early Quaternary, forming the Strečno Strait. The best view of the Domašín Meander is from the the ruins of the Old Castle (Starhrad, Varín Castle), which is accessible to tourists following the red tourist trail. The Váh was used for traditional rafting and this tradition has been renewed in the village of Strečno. In the past, the Domašín Meander was the most dangerous section of the river Váh.        

Text: Publication Prírodné Krásy Slovenska (Natural Beauties of Slovakia) – Národné parky (National Parks)
Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama (Dajama Publishing),,

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