Neologic Synagogue

Neologic SynagogueJ. M. Hurbana No. 11

The neologic Synagogue built by the renowned architect prof. Peter Behrens is one of the most unique architectural monuments in Slovakia. This building placed Žilina on the map of the world history of architecture. The international competition for the synagogue project attracted several eminent architects - Josef Hoffmann, Peter Behrens, and reportedly Adolf Loos too. The project by Peter Behrens won and was implemented. At that time he worked as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The parcel layout has an irregular sloping shape, which the architect handled with virtuosity when he laid out the building.
Building composition: on the massive stone base was placed the main cubic structure dominated by a large dome. The stone horizontal lining of the base comes across as massive and static, reminiscent of a fortress in medieval architecture. In sharp contrast, including in colour, comes across the purist plastered monumental structure of the building, which is divided by tall narrow windows. Roof design: around the central dome, four highlighted corners decorated with fittings.
Overall, the architect achieved a monumental building of purist character, using traditional expressive elements of architecture. Modifications carried out after the war banished the original function and the building was used first for cultural activities, then by the University of Transport and Communications of Žilina as its assembly hall.
In subsequent modifications the fencing was removed – namely walls of exposed stone masonry in the back and the external stairs on the side of the building. Overall, one can say that the building is largely preserved with its original character. Within the restitution in 1990, the Jewish religious community became the owner of the building again.

Since 2012 the reconstruction of the Neologic Synagogue interior has been carried out by the Citizens Community Truc shpérique. The main purpose is to eliminate non-original interventions and consequently change the building´s use into a cultural institution. The end of reconstruction is planned for 2014. You can find detailed information on the webpage

Source: Ing. arch. Dušan Mellner

It can be visited
■ interior is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 1 to 7 p.m. and during the events, take a look on
■ exterior during a guided tour of TIO Žilina.

Position of the monument on the map: B4
Number of the monument on the map: 7

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