Memorial plaque devoted to the Merciful Nuns of the St. Vincent Order

Memorial plaqueSt. Mary´s Square No. 23

The plaque is devoted to the Merciful Nuns of the St. Vincent Order for saving the lives of nine Jewish children during the War. The plaque is situated by the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle on St. Mary´s Square, in front of the entrance to the Monastery of Capuchins. Memorial plaque is made from black high polished marble. The author of the memorial plaque is Arieh Klein, Žilina´s native living in Israel. The plaque was unveiled on 18th May 2006. The plaque contains a text in Slovak, Hebrew an English language. On the top left, there is a coat of arms of the town and a seven-arm candle holder on the right side – one of the Jewry symbols.

"Righteous among the nations"
Big Israeli state award "Righteous among the nations" was given by the State of Israel and Holocaust Memorial – museum Yad Vashem on 27th January 2010 to a nun Agatha (Anna Matúšková) in memoriam. The award, medal and diploma were taken over by her relative in Primate´s Palace in Bratislava. The nun´s Agatha name is carved into the Wall of honour in the Garden of the Righteous in Yad Vashem. The nuns Agatha, as well as the others awarded by the title of the Righteous among the nations, have a small tree planted in the Alley of the Righteous in Yad Vashem and there is a marble tablet nearby, with their names engraved into together with the country they come from. Their names are listed in the Museum of the Jewish culture in Bratislava.
Saved children: Juraj (Šlomo) Breznitz, his sister Judith Breznitz, Rudo Klein, Peter Polák, Gerda Poláková and other four children. Juraj (Šlomo) Breznitz has gone to Israel in 1949. There he studied, worked as a professor and rector of the University in Haifa. He was elected as a Member of Israeli Parliament (Knesset) as the first Member of Parliament with Slovak nationality.

Source:Jozef Feiler

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