Jozef Krupec’s House

Dom sestier Matky Terezy, Dolný val č. 24Jána Kalinčiaka No. 18

The land around what is now Ulica Jána Kalinčiaka remained undeveloped until the 1920s, when the whole of its right-hand side between the streets Kuzmányho and Veľká Okružná belonged to Rudolf Krupec a major businessman, landowner and surveyor. In 1929 his son, Jozef Krupec, a successful Žilina lawyer, and his wife Alžbeta, née Pappová, decided to build their own family seat on the family land. The Žilina house of his parents, Rudolf and Gizela (née Heinrichová), stood at the other end of Kalinčiakova ulica on the corner with Kuzmányho ulica. Jozef Alfréd had grown up there with his siblings Vladimír Ján and Sofia Alžbeta.
Their father, Rudolf Krupec, had been born in Bystrička on 10 April 1840. He had studied in Russia, earned a degree in engineering and participated in the construction of the Russian railway network. In 1882 he returned to Slovakia, settled in Žilina and purchased the manor house and estates in the nearby village of Višňové. Around this time he began cooperating with lawyer Ján Milec. As a shareholder in one of the first Slovak financial institutions, Žilinská účastinárska pomocnica, he played an active role in the establishment of Tatra Bank (Hornouhorská banka Tatra) in Martin between 1884 and 1886. He served as the bank’s first chief executive. He died in Žilina on 18 November 1913.

His son Jozef Alfréd had been born at the manor house in Višňové on 14 May 1884 but he grew up in Žilina and returned there to work as a lawyer after graduating from university. In 1919 he was one of the founder members of the Matica Slovenská cultural organisation. Jozef Krupec was a highly respected citizen of the town and served as the second deputy mayor to Tomáš Ružička in 1927. In 1929 he asked for a construction permit for a three-storey building on Ulica Jána Kalinčiaka, which was granted on 10 July 1929. Construction work was carried out very quickly by the firm of Hollan and Kučera and the building received its occupancy permit on 08 January 1930. The building was designed by Ing. Žigo Wertheimer-Vavrín who was well known in Žilina. Most of his designs were for houses or apartment buildings but he also designed the Astória Hotel on Národna ulica.

The final form of Krupec’s house differed from the original plan of 19 June 1929 in the design of the first floor, which was amended on 27 November 1929. The house with a large area of 19 x 30.4 m has a basement containing three one-room flats and one two-room flat with a shared laundry. The ground floor and the two floors above it each had four two-room flats with their own amenities and in the attic there was a one-room flat and storage space. In 1938 there were 9 families living there including Jozef Krupec’s sister Alžbeta, whose married name was Šímová. The owner, however, lived in his father’s villa at Kuzmányho ulica 12 with his wife Alžbeta and his daughter Tatiana. When Jozef Krupec died in 1947, the house on Kalinčiakova ulica was sold to Ján Révaj.

Source: Mgr. Peter Štanský a Milan Novák

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