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How to get to Žilina

The town of Žilina is situated in the northwest of Slovakia - a country in the heart of Europe. The Slovak Republic (  is divided into eight self-governing regions. Žilina is the administrative seat of the Žilina self-governing Region ( and a gateway to the Upper Váh (Horné Považie) Region, which consists of the Žilina and Bytča districts.

By car / by bus
Žilina is an important centre of Slovakia‘s transportation system. Žilina is at the intersection of major European roads, E50 in the west to east direction, E50 in the north to south direction, where highways D1 and D3 are being built.
Since 2010, the city has been connected with the capital city Bratislava by a highway. The E75 transit highway to the Polish border will be completed around 2013-2014. To accelerate the transit between the towns of Žilina and Martin, a tunnel called Višňové - Dukla, is planned on the D1 route. 

By train
The town of Žilina is connected to the European railway system by the international railways system. Long-distance interconnections of importance to Europe are: in the east - west direction (Bratislava - Trenčín - Žilina - Košice - Čierna nad Tisou; border ČR/SR - Púchov – Žilina – Košice - border SR/Ukraine), in the north - south direction (Skalité – Čadca – Žilina – Martin – Banská Bystrica - Zvolen - Fiľakovo). The track Žilina - Čadca – Zwardoň provides a direct connection to Poland.
The regional track (No. 126) Žilina - Rajecké Teplice - Rajec with a train called "Rajecká Anča" is included in the integrated transportation network entitled Regional integrated transportation system of Žilina.
The integrated system is divided into 7 tariff zones with full integration of all charging points on the Žilina – Rajec line. Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines either separately for a train journey or as combined tickets for public transportation and train. The price of the ticket depends on the specific tariff zones.

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By plane
In Dolný Hričov, which is a village located about 15 km from Žilina, there is a public international airport. It is used for regular and unscheduled charter flights of passengers. Until July 2012 the Czech Airlines operated regular flights between Žilina and Prague and from there to other countries in the world. Since August 2012 the regular flights from Žilina to Prague have been canceled and currently there is a project underway aimed at their renewal.

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