House at Na priekope Street 41

Obytný dom na priekopeNa priekope Street No.41

This house was built on a medieval plot between Na priekope and Dolný val streets, replacing a previous building that dated from before 1849. This was totally demolished to allow the construction of a new, modern house. At that time, it was the only house on the street in the functionalist style.

The house was built for MUDr. Ivan Ján Jakubovský and his wife Antónia Jakubovská (née Beláčeková), who had three children together. Until 1941 they lived in sublet rooms on Hurbanova Street. Ivan Ján Jakubovský, a Russian émigré, was a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague and settled in Žilina in the second half of the 1930s.

The building permit for the house was issued in his wife’s name in March 1941 and it was completed with the issuing of permission for use in October 1941. Her name probably appeared on the papers because she was a Czechoslovak citizen.

The house was designed by architect Ferdinand Čapka (1905 – 1987), who began working in Žilina in 1935. His major projects include the railway station, the electricity company building and many others. He also designed private buildings for important Žilina residents. His design for the Jakubovský house was probably inspired by the Kamélia garden restaurant by architect Reichner. That was under construction at the same time and the architects had worked together on some projects, such as the building that is now the town theatre.

The house also had an address as Dolný Val Street 62. The plot was limited by two neighbouring houses. On the Na Priekope Street side, it had a width of 14.25 m and on the Dolný Val Street side 14.10 m. The lengths are also different – For house no. 43 it is 15.00 m and for the older house no. 39 (now demolished and rebuilt) it is 15.40 m. The house had a basement with a central heating boiler that could burn coal and wood, storage areas and also a complete apartment.

On the ground floor there was a garage, an entrance to the house for the owner and a separate entrance for patients. They had access to a waiting room, WC, surgery, bathroom, laboratory and x-ray suite. After 1950, when private doctors became employees of the state health care system, the surgery continued to be used for patients and there was also accommodation for an ambulance driver and a nurse. MUDr. Jakubovský continued to work here as district general practitioner until 1963. The owners later converted the premises into a flat for family members. The first floor belonged to the owner and their three children. Many of the original features including oak parquet floors, the staircase and the corridor lighting. The terrace on the roof is no longer covered with wooden beams as it was originally but the current owner intends to restore them.

The garage proved to be a problem during construction because it was designed with doors opening into the street, which the builder was obliged to remove. Eventually, a solution was found in the form of a sliding door that opened inwards.

The house underwent a renovation in 2000 based on a design by arch. Mecková. This did not respect the original character of the house envisioned by arch. Čapka. Therefore the owner undertook another further work in 2018 which did respect the original appearance from 1941 not just in the facade but in the exterior and interior elements. At present there are commercial premises in the basement and on the ground floor and there are flats on the first floor. The house’s functionalist style of 1941 was harmoniously complemented by furniture and other interior elements from other functionalist buildings in Žilina and around Slovakia.

Source: Mgr. Peter Štanský

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