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From 1st February 2009 a new Driving Law 8 / 2009  Laws on  road traffic and amendment of certain laws came into force, which allocates rules for drivers and also improves the situation on Slovak roads. For example, it reduces speed in villages, introduces a year-round lighting, no phone calls while driving, winter tires for trucks and buses from 15th November  to 31st March (winter tires are mandatory for passenger cars if there is ice or snow on the road), more stringent penalties for drink-driving etc.

Arriving in Slovakia, it is necessary to have your International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card). It is recommended to make photocopies of travel documents, which simplifies  procurement of replacement documents in case of loss.
The motorway network in Slovakia
Currently Slovakia has over 350 km of motorway network, which is constantly expanding. In the next few years a new motorway connecting Bratislava - Žilina – Košice will be built. In addition to Prague, Bratislava has a direct motorway connection to Vienna and soon will have a direct motorway connection with Budapest.
The use of motorways  must be paid for.  It is necessary to buy a motorway vignette, which is on sale at border crossings, post offices and at selected petrol stations. The vignettes have a 10-day (10 days including the date indicated), monthly (30 days including the date indicated) and yearly (from 1st January 2013 - 31st January 2014) validity.

Prices of motorway vignettes in the Slovak Republic for the year 2014
annual motorway vignette 50,-
monthly motorway vignette 14,-
10-day motorway vignette 10,-

The toll
From 1st January 2010, it is compulsory to pay the toll for vehicles over 3.5 tons of total weight on motorways, expressways and selected sections of the I. class roads. Road sections on which the toll is collected are listed in the  Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications Public Notice  number 529/2009  amended Laws. Toll collection is administered by the National Highway Company, Inc.

Source: Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, the National Highway Company 

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