Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession

Interiér Evanjelického kostola a.v.Martina Rázusa No. 2

The author of the project is Michal Milan Harminc. It is based on the model of the Evangelical Church on Legionárska Street in Bratislava. The location of the project was modified at the request of bishop Fedor Ruppeldt. During the construction works, a prehistoric burial site was found that contained urns.  The church has a main central nave with a gallery for the faithful, with an option to extend it into an area next to it where cultural activities are concentrated. The architecture is pure and elegantly completed by travertine lining of the base and attic gable. The tower is asymmetrically placed against the church nave, but visually it is on top of a hill. The interior is simple and plain, according to the principles of the Evangelical Church. On the front wall is a stained glass altar. An organ is next to it, and its pipes verticalize the entire space of the altar.
A presbytery by the builder Kováč is also part of the church. Its architecture complemented the church and thus created a unique complex of modern architecture. The current reconstruction of the presbyterry definitely destroyed this fine architectural work.

Source: Ing. arch. Dušan Mellner

It can be visited
under an agreement at the Evangelical Parish Office from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
on weekdays or on Sundays before worship.
during a guided tour of TIO Žilina.

Position of the monument on the map: A4

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