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Natural Asphalt Field in Nezbudská Lúčka

An asphalt quarry is located in the village of Nezbudská Lúčka. It was the only place in Europe where natural asphalt was quarried until the 1950s. In 1960, springs of underground water created  an artificial lake (about 100 m deep) from the quarry.

Žofia Bošňáková – the saint from Strečno

The village of Teplička nad Váhom was sought after in the past by those who wanted to see the physical remains of Žofia. Her remains were exhibited in the Loreto Chapel  of Teplička church until one day, a mentally ill man set them on fire. Residues of the body are placed in the church in Teplička nad Váhom.

Ethnographic exhibition "Jánošík and Terchová" in the village of Terchová

The revitalized exhibition of Považské Museum in Žilina entitled "Jánošík and Terchová", located in the centre of the village, is devoted to Terchová and the extremely popular Slovak national hero Juraj Jánošík.

By a cable car to the hill Chleb

Take  a modern cable car and reach an elevation of 1494 m. Enjoy the charming countryside and a unique view!

The Malá Fatra National park (NP)

The mountain range Malá Fatra with its beautiful, varied and well conserved nature is among the most valuable areas in Slovakia. The River Váh separates it by the Domašín Meander  into Krivánska and Lúčanská Fatra (after the highest peak in this region).

Hiking in Malá Fatra – recommended routes

Malá Fatra National Park is a true paradise for all tourists as it is one of the most valuable areas in Slovakia. If your goal is to hike in Malá Fatra, get inspired by the routes recommended in this section.

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