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The Žilina Dam

The Žilina Dam is built near the town of Žilina. It first became operational in 1994. In addition to the production of electricity and supply of technological water for industrial companies, the dam is a suburban recreational site.

The memorial to the French partisans

Fierce fights for the strategic gap of the Váh and the mountain range Malá Fatra near Strečno took place between the German army and the participants of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP). A memorial to commemorate the dead heroes was built in 1956 on the hill Zvonica above the village of Strečno. The memorial was created by the sculptors Ladislav Snopek and Ladislav Beisetzer.

Strečno Castle

The castle was originally built as a guard object at a ford across the river Váh, where a toll station was located since the beginning of the 14th century. It changed hands many times. Its notable owners included the Pongrac family, Pavol Kinizi, and the Kostka, Dersfy  and  Wesselenyi families. It is open to the public.

The Old Castle

The castle standing in the forest background of the Domašín meander of the river Váh, is among the oldest in Považie region. It was originally called Varín Castle. There is a very nice view of the Domašín meander from the ruins. The access to the castle is easy.

The Domašín Meander

Meanders are among the most fascinating river phenomenons. The Domašín Meander is the most beautiful part of the approximately 10 km long  pass of the river Váh between  Vrútky  and Strečno, which separates Kriváň and Lúčna, two parts of the mountain range Malá Fatra.

On a traditional raft through Strečno pass

The Strečno pass has always represented a big adventure together with an extraordinary experience for first-time voyagers - rafters on the longest and most famous Slovak rafting river- Váh. The journey begins at Bariérová  (after buying the tickets the clients are transported here) and ends at the raft ferry.

Ferry transport in Strečno

Cestujete z Martina do Terchovej? Máme pre vás jeden návrh. Nemusíte zachádzať do Žiliny, využite prepravu kompou cez Váh.  Čaká na vás jedinečná atrakcia, ktorá potvrdzuje platnosť fyzikálnych zákonov.

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