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Bytča Castle

The renaissance castle was built in the place of an older building (the water castle) from 1571 to 1574 for the Hungarian palatine (viceroy) George Thurzo by his father František Thurzo. George Thurzo continued his father’s activities and due to him the Wedding Palace was built in 1601. Today the castle houses the State District Archive.  

The town of Bytča

The first written mention of Bytča dates back to the first half of the 13th century. Among remarkable places in the town,  apart from  Bytča Castle, belongs the town square, which is an Protected Historic District, the Parish Church, the Synagogue and  the Jewish cemetery with the tomb of the Popper family in the town district of  Hliník.

Súľov rocks

Súľov rocks (National Nature Reserve), built of coarse conglomerate, calcite and sand rocks, create many bizarre terraces, balconies and overhanging rock forms. That is why they are also called The Slovak Dolomites. They are characterized by  rich flora and fauna which adorn the  Ruins of  Súľov Castle.

Hričov Castle

The oldest indication of Hričov dates back to 1208, when the castle was mentioned as a possession of the Nitra diocese. Among the owners of the castle were the Balaš and  Podmanický families,  Matthew Csák of Trenčín, William Tettauer, Michael Imrefy and Anna Likarka. Later the castle was acquired by the Thurzo  family. The castle began to decay in the 17th century.

State Archive in Bytča

A state archive has been established in the Renaissance palace in Bytča, which currently manages over 600 funds and collections from the years 1263 - 2008. Part of the archive is a Reading Room and reference archive library.  TIK Žilina  organizes  excursions into the archive called   Secrets of the archive in Bytča.

Exhibition of tinkers’ craft in the village of Veľké Rovné

It is one of the few authentic  exhibitions  of  tinkers‘ craft linked to a particular village. It is located in the building of the Municipal Office in Veľké Rovné. The exhibition   focuses on the fields of geology, botany, zoology, archeology, history, ethnography and tinkers‘ craft in the village of Veľké Rovné and in the adjacent settlements.

Hiking – recommended routes

For all who choose the Bytča area for hiking, we provide information about places and  attractions definitely worth visiting.

Exhibition The Wedding Palace in Bytča – Central European jewel

The Wedding Palace in Bytča is located in the castle area and belongs among the most important Renaissance monuments in Central Europe. The palace was probably built by Italian masters. The construction  was  completed in 1601. The palace houses a permanent exhibition  Wedding Palace - Central  European jewel.

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