Ceremonial (reverent) hall

Memorial of the victims of HolocaustJesenského No. 1

At the beginning of the cemetery, there are situated house of mourning with Ceremonial (reverent) hall הספדים אולם built up in 1936 by brothers Steiner. Nearby it, there are also two smaller rooms. One contains morgue and the second one serves to wash the corpses. After the war, they built in Ceremonial (reverent) hall the Monumental Memorial of the victims of Holocaust. It is situated in the back of the Memorial hall; it was built after the war according to the project of the architect Jozef Zweigenthal.

Memorial of the victims of Holocaust
It is a pyramid shape, 5, 5 metres high and covered with Sweden black granite. On its sides, there is a list of the names of 2 668 Jewish men, women and children who died during the war. On the memorial, there are stone tablets with the Ten Commandments, engraved in Hebrew. Every year, the Funeral Commemoration takes place in the reverent hall. Behind the reverent hall, there is situated a tidy Jewish cemetery. If you visit Memorial hall, the head cover is necessary.

It can be visited
during opening hours of the Jewish cemetery.
during a guided tour of TIO Žilina.

Source: Jozef Feiler www.zilina-gallery.sk

Position of the monument on the map: A4

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