Brewery in Žilina

Brewery in Žilina

There was a municipal brewery in Žilina as early as the 17th century and its beer was so famous that in 1658 even the palatine of Hungary ordered 300 buckets for Pressburg. Beer was used as a gift for various dignitaries. For example, in 1661 the town of Žilina gave Mikuláš (Nicholas) Wesselényi a calf and two barrels of beer.
The town of Žilina did not have the right to brew. This right was granted only to certain homeowners within the town. A town official collected fees for brewing. Žilina’s malting plant produced malt and beer for the needs of the town. Town officials occasionally brewed beer for themselves in the municipal malting plant as well. Beer produced in the town’s malting plant in the second half of the 17th century was primarily served in the village of Oščadnica. After 1730 Žilina’s burghers established their own pub. Žilina’s malt producers had a separate guild. Regulations for the guild dated to 1671.  In the mid - 18th century, 147 Žilina’s burghers had the right to brew beer in Žilina.

Žilina famous beer

Žilina’s beer is mentioned in Matej Bel’s book "The historical and geographical knowledge of contemporary Hungary."  In the 18th century, Bel, a scholar of Slovak origin, was the most famous Hungarian scientist in Europe. Bel states: "After the perfect beer of Trenčín, which is transported by raft to Komárno, Buda and Pest, the best beer is from Žilina...".  At the end of the 19th century brewing is no longer mentioned in the history of Žilina. In those days Žilina’s brewery probably stopped working. The decaying brewery building which was located under the current balustrade was demolished around the year 1925. Today, only the street’s name Pivovarská (Brewery) recalls the building and its history.

Source: TIO Žilina (according to academic literature, by G. Krušinský).

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