After a relief sculpture was removed from the Balustrade at the end of the 1990s, the wall was left blank. This prompted thoughts about how best to use this vacant space in the centre of Žilina.

In 2014, the town of Žilina contacted several artists and designers through the Malá Fatra Regional Tourism Organisation (OOCR Malá Fatra) to request proposals for the empty space on the Balustrade. The winning proposal came from the team of Marcel Benčík, Peter Lényi, Ondrej Marko and Marián Lucký. “The fractal character of the surrounding “decoration” and the aggressive shape of new buildings compared to the peaceful and architecturally pure balustrade inspired our work and its key elements. We understood that we could not say everything, especially not at once,” said Mgr. art. Marcel Benčík, ArtD.

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