Áron Lipner’s building

Farská Ulička No. 3

The two-storey building with a cellar was designed and built by the Trenčín construction firm of Berta and Kováč for Áron Lipner in an Art Nouveau style. It replaced an older building on the site. The building permit was issued in January 1912 and the building was completed in October of the same year. Áron Lipner, originally from Terchova, was one of the richest people in Žilina and as early as 1903 he had been a member of the town council. He also owned the building at Národná ulica 7, which he had built in 1903 and lived in.

The building on the corner of today's Farská ulička and Dolný val had two entrances – one to commercial premises on the corner of the two streets and residential access from Farská ulička. These separate entrances have survived to the present. The most recent modification was to add another entrance to commercial premises from Dolný val. The house has a length of 16.8 m on Dolný val and 20 m on Farská ulička. Its height was 9.4 m. It was built as a generously proportioned dwelling house. On the ground floor there was an entrance hall, five rooms, two bathrooms and two separate toilets, a maid’s room, two kitchens and a corridor to the rear wing where there was a yard between this building and an older building on Hodžová ulica. In addition, there were two chambers and an antechamber. On the first floor there were seven rooms, two kitchens, two bathrooms, two separate toilets and a maid’s room. There was a laundry in the attic. On the first floor there was an air shaft that was shared with the neighbouring building on Dolný val, which belonged to Nathan Stiglitz.

After Áron Lipner’s death, his heirs kept the building until 1926, when they sold it for 345,000 crowns to Jozef Lilienthal, a merchant. It originally shared an address with the older house on the corner of Hodžova ulica and Farská ulička, which Lipner also owned, but the buildings were eventually given separate numbers and from 1925 they had different owners. During the Second World War, the building was expropriated from Jozef Lilienthal and his wife Regina (née Haas) and a temporary administrator was appointed. The owners lived in the house until 1942, when they were forced to move out. They returned in 1945 and recovered their property. For many years the Július Meinl firm rented a shop on the ground floor to sell mixed / overseas goods, including coffee. The Křenek company had a textile shop here too. Ernest Žabkay, a well-known Žilina lawyer, lived in the house for several years. In 1960 the state took over the building and for many years bicycles and sewing machines were sold on the ground floor. The new owners of the building have renovated the building and adapted it for retail and administrative letting.

Source: Mgr. Peter Štanský a Milan Novák

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