Žilina’s arcades and arcaded corridors (laubne)

Žilina’s arcades and arcaded corridors (laubne)

A characteristic feature of Žilina’s Mariánske (St. Mary’s) Square are  open arcaded corridors, known locally as "laubne". The laubne are not found in the square exclusively as they continue towards adjacent Hodža and Radničná Streets as well. Although arcaded corridors are preserved in other Slovak cities, no other town in Slovakia can boast such a large and coherent complex of covered streets in its historical centre. And it is believed, neither in the whole of the former Kingdom of Hungary

Žilina’s arcades

An architectural survey found that houses in Žilina’s Mariánske (St. Mary’s) Square originally did not stand in a line, but they "jumped aside" one another. The facades of the houses were aligned only during  the construction of the "laubne", after a fire that destroyed a large part of Žilina in 1521. Beneath the Renaissance "laubne," the wealthiest merchants and craftsmen in the town who owned the homes in the square sold their goods in front of them. Today, their practicality is much appreciated especially during a hot summer day or as shelter from rain or snow.

Inseparable from Žilina’s "laubne" are its arcades - arches between the columns, which create an  inimitable atmosphere in the the square and the adjacent streets (Radničná and Hodžova). The original Renaissance arcades are located mainly in Hodžova and Radničná Streets. This is because in the square the Renaissance arcades were replaced in some places by orthogonal arcades during construction changes.
Above the Rennaissance arcade of a house on Hodžova Street is the Latin inscription "NON NOBIS DOMINE AST TIBI SIT GLORIA ET VICTORIA" (Not to us Lord, but to you  glory and victory belong).
Žilina’s arcades (arches between the columns) on Mariánske (St. Mary’s) Square differ not only in shape but also in dimensions. The largest arcade - 7.1 metres  - is located at 14 Hodžova Street. The central arcade of the Old Town Hall building is the narrowest, with a width of only 1.5 m.

Source: TIO Žilina (according to academic literature, G. Krušinský).

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