Žilina and cyclists

Cyclists in Žilina

Žilina is a town, where bicycle can really be an ideal means of transport in. You can use it on your journey to work, for shopping or just have a ride across the town.
In Žilina, many bike paths are built up and they serve cyclists for a safe ride. In case when the cyclists ride as fast as walking and do not endanger the walkers, they are permitted to enter a pedestrian zone.
In Žilina, there are various organisations that deal with cyclists and cycling. 

In Žilina, there are currently available the following bike paths:

bike path from the suburb Vlčince to the centre of the town (H3),
bike path from area of the University of Žilina Veľký diel to the suburb of Solinky (V6),
communication on the overpass from the suburb of Vlčince, above Košická Street and then along Košická Street with direction to the centre, up to Tesco store (V10),
bike path from the end of Kysucká road, march under the flyover, over the bridge upon river Váh up to Budatín,
first part of bike path Solinky - centre (H2), which is going through the street A. Bernoláka ("Bulvár"), 
short section of the future bike path was finished in the district of Bánová, too.

Communication is implemented in the locality of the Žilina Dam; it serves especially as a recreational path for cyclists, in - line skaters and walkers in total length of 10, 5 km.

OZ Mulica
Bláhova 21, 010 04  Žilina - Bánová
organization of critical masses, workshops, publishes the journal for cyclists with month periodicity 
Tel.: +421  (0)949 205 604
E-mail: info@mulica.sk
Web: www.mulica.sk
Jánošíkov kraj, n. o.
V. Spanyola 19, 010 01  Žilina
organization of sport events, recreational and mountain cycling, publishes the brochure "Cycling in Žilina surroundings"
Tel.: +421  (0)910 571 672
E-mail: janosikovkraj@wbl.sk
Web: www.janosikovkraj.wbl.sk
Cyklopozitív klub Žilina, n. o.
Gaštanová 2, 010 07  Žilina
organization of sport events, recreational and sport mountain cycling
Tel.: +421  (0)905 553 065
E-mail: lubos.dupkala@gmail.com
Web: www.cyklopozitiv.sk
Cyklistický spolok Žilina
Rajecká 3, 010 01  Žilina
sport training of children and teenagers, cycling competitions, cross - country a cyclocross
Tel.: +421  (0)905 980 901
E-mail: cys@cys-zilina.sk
Web: www.cys-zilina.sk
Turisticko cyklistický klub Žilina
Bôrická cesta 8311/3a, 010 01  Žilina
sport trainings, competitions, tours of downhill mountain cycling
Tel.: +421  (0)911 621 336
E-mail: dhkatka@atlas.sk
SCK Cyklo tour
Internátna 18, Unimoblok H, 010 08  Žilina
organization of sport events
Tel.: +421  (0)903 550 411
E-mail: cyklotour@cyklotour.sk
Web: www.cyklotour.sk
Cykloturistický oddiel KST regiónu Žilina
Hálkova 24, 010 01  Žilina
organization of cycle - tours, cycling
E-mail: info@kstza.sk
Web: www.kstza.sk


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