The Žilina Dam

The Žilina DamThe Žilina Dam

The Žilina Dam is built near the town of Žilina. Its construction began on 4th October 1994 and the dam became operational in 1998. Almost all of the town district of Mojšová Lúčka flooded during the construction, as well as the entire district of Hruštiny and three houses in the village of Mojš. Residents of the flooded areas were moved into newly constructed houses in locations of their choice. Most people chose to resettle in a newly built village, which received an appropriate name – Nová Mojšová Lúčka (New Mojšová Lúčka).                    

The Žilina Dam is built mainly for power generation and the supply of technological water to industrial enterprises. The water depth is approximately 2 m at the influent of  the river Váh into the dam, 10 m in the middle by the pedestrian bridge between the villages of Mojš and Mojšová Lúčka, and about 18 m at the barrier in Žilina. The company Vodohospodárska výstavba Bratislava, š.p. is the administrator and operator of all the dam.         

The Žilina Dam has also become a popular recreational site in the vicinity of Žilina. It is easily accessible, whether by car or public transport. Visitor parking is on the right side of the reservoir. Public sports facilities are located alongside this area of the dam: including a skatepark, beach volleyball courts and a children's trampoline. In summer there are also  opportunities for many water sports. A cycling route passes through here and  goes from Budatín through Strečno up to Varín. There is also an asphalt route for pedestrians and in-line skaters. Fishing is another popular activity here. There are many species of fish, but the most prevalent are carp and vimba. Refreshment facilities are available for visitors. It is also possible to see the Žilina Dam from a higher perspective on a newly built observation point in Šibenice next to the road I/18.

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distanceDistance from Žilina: 2,8 km


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