Sports and relaxation

In Žilina you’ll find a wide selection of possibilities for meaningful ways of spending your free time. Whether you want to rest or to devote yourself to active movement, you have a lot to choose from here.

Several Žilina hotels – Grand, Holiday Inn, Dubná skala, Villa Nečas, Central Park – offer wellness services. You can also take a rest in the Rajecké Teplice spa, where after a vast reconstruction they also offer wellness services. Lovers of swimming have the opportunity to visit the Žilina Indoor Swimming Pool, and in the summer months a favourite goal of visitors is the Laura Swimming Pool in Rajecké Teplice.

Several cycling paths are available in Žilina. We can mention the cycling path from the Vlčince housing estate to the city centre or from the campus of Žilina University to Veľký Diel in the Solinky housing estate. In the area of the Reservoir the path is more than 10 kilometres long and serves as a recreational path for cyclists, inline skaters and walkers. In addition the Žilina skatepark, accessible for skateboarding, BMX and inline skating is located near the Reservoir.

In Žilina you can also choose from a varied offering of fitness centres. Likewise climbing walls and tennis, squash and badminton courts are available, as are bowling and climbing in the Rope Park Preles, located in the Chrasť forest park, where after conquering barriers from 8 to 11 metres high you can finish your performance with a leap from a great height into free space.

The surroundings of Žilina also have favourable conditions for hiking and cycling on offer. If you can’t imagine winter without ice skating, you can take advantage of the Žilina winter stadium, which offers public ice skating as well as skates rental and skate-sharpening services. Lovers of golf also come for their favourite sport, with a driving range located near the Reservoir, as do fans of horse-riding or river rafting.

Žilina Reservoir

Žilina Reservoir has become a favourite site for recreational activitiesSeveral sporting areas located here are accessible to the wider public – a skatepark, a beach-volleyball court and a children’s trampoline. Visitors here can also use the asphalt paths for walks, cycling or inline skating.

Žilina Indoor Swimming Pool

The city’s indoor swimming pool is found in the sporting grounds just several minutes walk from the city centre. Construction of the indoor swimming pool began in 1959, and it opened on 15 July 1963. Žilina thus became the first city in the Czechoslovak Republic to have an indoor Olympic-size swimming pool of 50 metres in length.

Reservoir Skatepark

Next to the Žilina Reservoir is the first-ever Žilina skatepark; it is intended for skateboarders and bikers but courageous roller skaters also come here. The construction of Žilina skatepark was from the start done with the interest of Žilina’s local leadership, but final modifications to the park were made by the skateboarders and bikers themselves.

Cycling paths in žilina and its surroundings

The Malá Fatra area offer recreational cyclists more than 600 km of cycling paths. The cycling paths are suitable for mountain bikes but also for trekking bikes and are divided into 3 difficulty levels – easy, medium and difficult.

Aphrodite Spa Rajecké Teplice

The Aphrodite Spa in Rajecké Teplice provides its guests with a wide offer of procedures. Visitors can select procedures themselves or can use the opportunity for consultation with medical experts, who will propose a tailor-made treatment program for them.

Boutique Hotel Dubná Skala - Relax centre

The Hotel Dubná Skala offers visitors not only accommodation and gourmet specialities but also perfect rest and absolute privacy in its Relax Centre. It is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for accommodated guests as well as the wide public and has a capacity of 8 people.

Villa Nečas - wellness

The newly reconstructed wellness hotel Villa Nečas offers its services not only to staying guests but also those from the wide public who have an interest in resting and relaxing in the delightful and modern environment of a wellness centre.

Winter Stadium

Žilina’s winter stadium is located in the sporting grounds in the centre of the city and is used especially for training and matches of the city’s ice hockey club and for the training of figure skaters. In the winter, however, it is also used for public ice skating. The grounds of the winter stadium include two ice surfaces – the main hall and the new hall.

Rafting on the Váh

 A fabled area was the Strečno gap, where the cliffs Margita and Besná, for which the rafters had great respect, are located. At present a visitor can ride on a raft along this legendary section.


Straník Peak, located near Žilina, is a unique locality which has available a circular view of the Malá Fatra Mountains. It has excellent conditions for pilots of gliders, parachutes and Rogallo wings and is an excellent place for learning to fly

Bouldering Climbing Wall and K2 Coffee House

Climbing Wall K2 Zilina offers a variety of different climbing profiles that provide space for climbers of all performance categories, from beginners, intermediate, to advanced climbers who prefer heavier climbing lines. You find here children’s climbing section, caffe, shop and rental climbing gear.

Badminton centre MG

The badminton centre is located in a reconstructed hall in the building of a former brickworks; it is equipped with four badminton courts having a professional surface. Of course, there are men’s and women’s dressing rooms with showers and sanitary facilities.

List of recommendations - sports and relaxation

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