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Sport eventsThe town of Žilina in collaboration with partners or as a co-organizer prepares several annual cultural and sporting  events. Some of them already have their own history and tradition, which continues to develop (Carnival Slovakia Žilina, Down Town Celebrations, Žilina Cultural Summer, North against South...), others are gradually gaining their circle of supporters  for example, Medieval Day and Fest Anča ... ). 
You are cordially invited to these events and we hope you have a lot of  fun and many pleasant experiences!

Spring Prix of Žilina (Jarná cena Žiliny)

The Spring Prix of Žilina ranks among the most prominent sporting events which are organized in Žilina. The event is prepared and realized by the expert organizational team of workers KPŠ Nereus Žilina.

The Žilina Triathlon (Žilinský triatlon)

"The Žilina Triathlon"  is a popular event of national importance with regular foreign participation.  The event takes place in surroundings of the Žilina Dam.

North against South (Sever proti Juhu) (Inhabitants of Žilina enjoy football)

North against South (Sever proti Juhu) (Inhabitants of Žilina enjoy football) is a sport event, where non-stop football matches are played regularly on the boarded artificial grass field, on Andrej Hlinka Square for two days.

Lapierre Fatra MTB Marathon (Lapierre Fatranský MTB maratón)

Lapierre Fatra MTB Marathon is a sporting event intended for cyclists of all age groups.

Around Martinské hole (Okolo Martinských holí)

The cycling mountain pass "Around Martinské hole" is a traditional sporting event, which is known to cyclists not only from Žilina but also from surroundings.

Christmas Run (Vianočný beh)

The winter marathon called "Christmas Run" is intended for running fans of each age group.

Through the Jánošík´s Region (Jánošíkovým krajom)

The skiing pass "Through the Jánošík´s Region" is a traditional event for all cross-country skiing fans not only from Žilina, but also from the  surroundings. It is organized every year by Jánošík´s Region, n.o.

Precision Landing (Presnosť pristátia)

The international hang-gliding races in the category Precision Landing are intended for qualified pilots.

Žilina Swimming Relay Race (Žilinská plavecká štafeta)

The sporting event "Žilina Swimming Relay Race" ranks among events, throughout which organizers prepare various benefits in the field of swimming for participants.

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