Rafting on the Váh

Name: Rafting on the Váh
Address: Ulica SNP 86, 013 24 Strečno
Contacts: tel.: +421 907 196 999
info@plte-strecno.sk, www.plte-strecno.sk

Rafts have a rich history and several centuries of tradition on the Váh, when this profession was inherited from generation to generation. Interest in this profession lapsed over time and in the 1940s its era came to an end. A fabled area was the Strečno gap, where the cliffs Margita and Besná, for which the rafters had great respect, are located. At present a visitor can ride on a raft along this legendary section.

To ride on a traditional raft is possible from April to October. The maximum capacity of one raft is 12 persons, and each raft is handled by two rafters – one in front, the other in the back. Rafting trips are gaining more and more interest from clients both from Slovakia and from abroad. The time of the trips depends on the state of the water, but they usually last from 50 to 75 minutes.

During the rafting trips a visitor can enjoy the views of Strečno Castle, Old Castle, the beautiful natural scenery of the Malá Fatra as well as the railway bridges over the River Váh and nearby tunnels.

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