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Welcome to the Upper Váh Region (Horné Považie)

Žilina is a gateway to the Upper Váh Region (Horné Považie), which consists of the Žilina and Bytča districts. Situated in northwest Slovakia, it extends over 1 097 km².
A major portion of the territory is covered with mountain ranges: Javorníky, Malá Fatra, Strážovské vrchy (Strážov Hills), Súľovské vrchy (Súľov Hills), Kysucká vrchovina (Kysucké Highlands) and Žilinská pahorkatina (Žilina Uplands).
There are two hydroelectric dams: the Žilina Dam and the Hričov dam.
Until 1923, the region belonged to the Trenčín district, then was part of the County of Považie. Today Žilina is one of the five historical districts of the Žilina self-governing Region (Kysuce, Upper Váh (Horné Považie), Turiec, Liptov and Orava).

Taking any direction from Žilina, be it Bytča, Rajec, Martin, Terchová... we guarantee you that you will discover immense natural beauty and cultural heritage. Wandering at leisure, you will certainly meet hospitable inhabitants of this region and in no time become familiar with their customs and traditions.

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