Medieval Day (Stredoveký deň)

Medieval Day (Stredoveký deň)

Month of the event: August
 Chief organizer: Facta non verba, non-governmental organization

For the first time in 2008, Žilina found itself in the medieval period for one day and St. Mary´s Square changed into a medieval square. The event programme is composed of various presentations. Lovers of good food, good music or medieval martial arts come into their own. On St. Mary´s Square, visitors become a part of an interesting programme, e.g. a mass pub fight, falconers´ performances or fencing fights. They can also taste typical medieval cuisine. Blacksmiths, bakers, gingerbread makers, jewellers and others present their crafts during the day.
Every year, a certain historical event in Žilina, which has affected life in Žilina and its inhabitants, is a theme of Medieval Day. Medieval Day ranks among top events of Žilina Cultural Summer.

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