Hustý Department Store

Národná No. 27

In 1912, Artur Lombardini, the brother of the well-known Žilina writer and historian Alexander Lombardini, built an Art Nouveau single-storey building, one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the town. In 1938 the house was occupied by 14 people. In 1946 the building was demolished by its new owner Ladislav Hustý, who had a business producing ladies' and girls' clothing and coats. His shop, EVA, was located first of all in the centre of what is now Hlinka Square and then in 1944 in the former Hotel Astoria.
In 1946 he bought Lombardini's house, demolishing it and building in its place, the following year, a four-storey department store designed by Michael Maximilian Scheer in collaboration with V. Ponechal. The functionalist building was built by Karol Lampel’s company. It had a brick-filled concrete framework, with monolithic iron-reinforced ceilings, and a flat roof. The entrance to the building was highlighted with large shop windows. The facade was constructed of alternating ceramic tile strips and metal transversal windows.

Following nationalization on 1 January 1948, Hustý Department Store was taken over by Odevy Trenčín and then in July 1949 by Makyta Puchov, which still uses it today. Hustý Department Store became Odevy after nationalization, and by 1950 it had been renamed Eva. It later became Janošik, then Otex - clothing store, and finally Makyta. In 1990, the ground floor was where the Otex shop was located and on the first floor there was a Makyta training centre - workshops, offices and dining room, on the second and third floors was accommodation comprising of 30 rooms.

After 1990, there was an unsuccessful restitution attempt and in the spring of 2001 Makyta Puchov launched a very expensive reconstruction programme (costing more than 50 million Slovak crowns) on one of the most beautiful functionalist buildings in the town and in autumn of the same year Makyta opened its first store there.

Source: Mgr. Jozef Moravčík, Mgr. Peter Štanský

It can be visited
the sight´s exterior and interior when commercial, catering and entertaining facilities are visited.
during a guided tour of TIO Žilina.

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