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We invite you to enjoy the atmosphere of our town...

The town centre does not occupy a large area. It is possible to get from one end to the other in a few hours and still have time left to enjoy the atmosphere in the streets, the stylish cafés, restaurants and teahouses... You can discover the most attractive places in the town centre  through a series of guided tours. The routes are not  long or difficult (although there is a height difference between the squares) and do not require special tourist footwear or preparation.

How to take the guided tour?
 with a qualified guide
 take your own tour 

Tourist Information Office (TIO) Žilina offers year-round guided tours of Žilina provided by professional tour guides. Tours are offered in different languages (Slovak, English, German, Russian, French, Polish, etc.).

Conditions of guide servicesConditions of guide services

Historical tour

How would you like a non-traditional history lesson? Your personal guide could actually be Alexander Lombardini, author of the first Slovak history of the town. He will guide you through its sights and history.

Fairy-tale guided tour in the centre of Žilina

Do you want to learn not just straight historical facts about Žilina, but also those that exist as presumptions, claims, considerations, or simply rumors? So, please accept the invitation of the Lady of Žilina Klementínka (Clementine)...   

Night mysterious guided tour in the centre of Žilina

What does the town look like under the cover of night? What lurks behind the mysterious silence? Will the legends and mysterious beings come alive? We invite the courageous to a tour of the town - by the light of lanterns and torches...

Jewish Žilina

Would you like to become familiar with all aspects of Žilina’s history, to learn about the history of the Jewish population in the town, their religion and traditions? Did you know that during the time span of approximately one hundred years, from the mid-19th century to the 1940s, the Jewish community greatly influenced the face of the town and events therein? 

Functionalist Žilina

Do you like the minimalist style, or are you interested in architecture? Are you familiar with names such as Behrens, Scheer, Stein, Weinwurm, Bednárik, Harminc, Čapka and others? So, we have prepared in collaboration with an architect, especially for you, tours of the functionalist Žilina

Secession Žilina

Between the last decade of the nineteenth century and the First World War (and continuing afterwards in a few cases), architecture in Žilina embraced the Secession style

Tour of Burian’s Tower

Burian’s Tower is one of the most beautiful monuments in Žilina. It stands on Katedrálne námestie next to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and their combined silhouette is widely recognised as an unofficial symbol of our town. Public visits to Burian’s Tower have been possible since November 2013 thanks to the Town of Žilina, the Malá Fatra Regional Tourism Organisation and the Diocese of Žilina.

Tours of the Loretto Chapel and St Barbara’s Church

Franciscan monks of the Salvatorian Province built the Monastery and Church of St Barbara outside the gates of the old town at the start of the 18th century. The foundation stone was laid in 1723.

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