The city of Žilina, in cooperation with partners, each year organizes cultural events which have become a part of the city’s atmosphere. Many of its residents and visitors today can no longer imagine Žilina without the Old Town Festivals or without the Žilina Summer of Culture, favoured perhaps by all generations. Some of the regular events now have their own long years of tradition, while others are still building it and acquiring their own circle of enthusiasts.

Among the events which the majority of Žilina residents look forward to are the Old Town Festivals. This is the largest cultural event in Žilina and in northern Slovakia. Among the other events which are also an inherent part of the city, we can include the Central European Festival of Concert Art, the Žilina Puppet Festival, Carneval Slovakia Žilina, the Žilina Summer of Culture, Fest Anča, Medieval Day, Jašidielňa, Žilina Days of Health and others. Fans of the creative arts can visit the Museum of Art Žilina, while the Gallery Plusmínusnula is the creation of a young generation of creative artists, and Galéria M is focused on the sale of creative works and exhibitions.

You can also choose from several museums in Žilina. You’ll find the Považie Museum in Žilina in the grounds of Budatín Castle, and in the building of the former orthodox synagogue is the Museum of Jewish Culture. You’ll find the first private museum exhibition in the Lombardini House on the street Horný val. The oldest professional puppet theatre in Slovakia is the Žilina Puppet Theatre, while a Town Theatre also operates.

Fans of classical music certainly know the State Chamber Orchestra Žilina. You also have the opportunity in the city of using the services of the Regional Library, which houses a British Centre as well as collections of the French Alliance and Goethe Institute.

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