Attractions of the city

Žilina ranks among the four largest cities in Slovakia. It is an important international crossroads linking the transport networks of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. The city and its surrounding region have a sufficiently varied and diverse offer for the development of the travel industry. For visitors the primary attraction is its historical centre, the focal point of which is Marian Square with its historical houses and typical arcade on all sides of the square. The oldest landmark is the Church of St. Stephen the King in the city borough of Rudiny. Experts date its origins to the beginning of the 13th century. Of particular value are its decorative wall paintings dating approximately from the year 1260. Among the tourist attractions here are several castles near the city – Strečno, Budatín and Lietava. In addition to historical landmarks in Žilina you can visit and experience the atmosphere of several events for the wide public. Among those worthy of attention are the Old Town Festivals, the Žilina Summer of Culture, Medieval Day, the Žilina Days of Health and many others which help to create the atmosphere of the city. Lovers of modern creative arts should not miss the Museum of Art Žilina, which they’ll find on Andrej Hlinka Square. Žilina is also the seat of several important businesses and institutions. University of Žilina, the Transport Research Institute and other institutions dealing with science and research have an important standing in the city. Sport is also an important element of the city. The Football Club MŠK Žilina has played several times in prestigious European football tournaments. One good tip is also a visit to nearby Rajecké Teplice. The grounds of the local spa have undergone a major reconstruction which has significantly improved the quality of their services. In addition to the spa, Rajecké Teplice also offers wellness services.


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