About the number display

The Balustrade next to “Farské Schody” (Parish Church Steps), has a new face after many years – the “Number Display”.

A platform for displaying six-figure numbers has been installed. Each of the six panels measuring 2.4 x 1.2 metres shows a single digit cut into an aluminium sheet that is attached to a mount on the Balustrade. There are three sets of panels showing the numbers 0 to 9, and 6 full blank panels, thus making it possible to display any number up to six digits in which the same digit repeats no more than three times. The combination of panels is designed to provide specific numerical information. “You can’t say everything with one number and therefore the system is designed to make it easy to change information, update it, specify it and vary it,” said the chief executive of OOCR Malá Fatra, Ing. Peter Šimčák.

The new modified look of the Balustrade is designed to allow communication between the town of Žilina and its inhabitants. Žilina has a rich history, as well as much to be proud of in the present. It is a town full of great people, stories, architecture, art and meanings. “Numbers are minimalist in how they are written and maximalist in terms of what they can represent. Simple numbers can be used to communicate a vast amount of information about the town and especially about the people who live there and will live there. Numbers can tell us how old the town is, how many children were born there, how many houses were built, how many cars were produced, how many shows the theatre has put on, how many students graduated and how many are studying at the university,” said Mgr. art. Marcel Benčík, Art.D.

OOCR Malá Fatra would like to thank the town of Žilina for providing the space, the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism of the Town Office for coordination and cooperation in planning the project and the team of artists: Mgr. art. Marcel Benčík, Art.D. Ing. arch. Peter Lényi, Ing. arch. Ondrej Marko and Ing. arch. Marián Lucký. The organisation is also grateful to Mgr. art. Ondrej Jób for donating a font to the project. The whole work was financed by the Malá Fatra Regional Tourism Organisation and total costs amounted to €10,000. The information (number) on the panel will be updated monthly and will always show an interesting fact from the past, present or future.

To begin with: People of Žilina, there are 83684 of us!

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